JEC World 2021

Exel Composites has decided to postpone participation at JEC World in Paris, June 2021.

We very much look forward to this annual event. It is a great event to meet new people and see many of you face to face. However, just as in our operations where we are continually evaluating and eliminating preventable safety risks, we felt that hosting a stand given the uncertain path of the pandemic introduces a preventable safety risk to our employees. Therefore we decided not to host a stand at JEC World 2021.

We hope very much that vaccines will begin to be approved and distributed; yet it is clear that the process to vaccinate all of us will take some time.

We will be at the 2022 JEC World event, and we look forward to hosting our annual “composites & cocktails” evening & meeting with as many of you as possible.

No need to wait, meet with us now!

If you were planning on meeting with us in Paris, we are happy to set up an online meeting with you now, no need to wait until June or until 2022. You can use the form below to provide your information and leave us a message, and we’ll contact you to set up a meeting.